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posted: Friday the 12th of February, 2016 07:27:32 AM


in the moment. okay, that was a wipe-out, as i was going for just for yesterday as i started down a very strange and twisted path. not that this one will be any better but at least i am working on the here and now, and not the past of future.
one of the men i sponsor asked me the other night, to explain the spiritual path i am currently journeying along. as briefly and as succinctly as i could, i filled him in on the vague details that feeling the presence and direction of the will of a POWER that fuels my recovery is implemented in my life. living in the here and now, i now have to move to quite a different drummer, especially as i move into my 12TH step. the path i follow, supports living in the moment, far better than any other i have experienced in my lifetime. no longer am i concerned about being punished in the future, for deeds done in my past. with that FEAR removed i am free to partake of the spiritual abundance i have been given in the here and now. sure i can wail, rip my shirt and gnash my teeth over the opportunities i missed while using and while snoozing through my early recovery. sure i can scramble, juke and jive to make opportunities for my future happen. or as the reading suggests i can live in the moment, pay attention to what is happening around me and make the most of the opportunities i am presented today. truthfully, i am worn out by all the living in the past and future tense i have done across the course of my life, and i have never said &*#8220;i am so glad i worried about that,” when an outcome is finally reached.
it seems to be one of those mornings that i am at a loss for words. that happens from time to time, and instead of continuing to fill space, i will say that i am grateful for the opportunity i have today, to be present in the here and now. life is good in the present tense.

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