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posted: Friday the 27th of May, 2016 11:54:05 AM


challenges of today.
today is so topsy-turvy, that i missed a call from a sponsee and a coffee date with a friend. front end loaded my hours today and so it is time to relax for the long weekend. yes and this is several hours late as well, told it is an inside out sort of morning.
so what is my solution? coffee, coffee and more coffee and then a nice long nap!
one of the questions in the literature i use to help guide the men who i sponsor, asks, if i treat the day to day challenges of life as a personal affront. as if the world is supposed to spin my way all the time, is what i add when they trip on that question. i can say that when i come across that question there are certainly days when the answer has to be an unqualified YES! oh sure, i could blow some smoke and hide in the guise of spiritual camouflage, but the reality is, i am still driven by self-will and my notion of what the perfect world should look like! the hope? i do not get into that state nearly as often and when i am there i see the absurdity of what i am thinking and how i am reacting and often laugh out loud, at myself.
as i am running out of steam, i think that i will say this and move on:
life happens and most of it does not go according to the overarching plan i have concocted in my head. it is my job to see what i have power over, very little, and let the rest go.
right here and right now it is Ta-Ta for now!

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