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posted: Tuesday the 30th of June, 2015 07:48:44 AM


enjoying the life i have found in recovery. today, i will take steps to maintain my foundation.
another Tuesday, another day working from home and yet another letter to my friend that seems to have a permanent accommodation at the Boulder County Sheriff's Bed & Breakfast. quite a wonderful place to stay, direction all day long, three meals, a semi-private room, with its own toilet, and plenty of free-time to catch up on some light summer reading. and yet, my friend seems to be dumbfounded why he would rather return to this lovely facility, for yet another birthday, instead of taking the steps needed to get out and stay out. i am not sure what sort of birthday wishes i will be sending him, in the letter i have yet to write, but i do know that Happy Birthday, is a cruelly ironic joke, as it has been the better part of a decade since he saw his last birthday on the “outs.”
alright i am back from having an easily distracted morning. thinking about my life and the foundation upon which it is built, and comparing and contrasting with that of my friend, i see that the only thing that is really different is that when it came time to chose “the life” or a life built on recovery, i chose the latter, even though the former still had its attraction. it is true, that i left behind my friends and associates and some activities i really, really enjoyed and yet, all these days later, i have no regrets, as i know today what my path would have been, had i decided any differently.
what was also on my mind this morning, was the conversation i had with one of my peers, last night. we talked about many things, but he was wondering how i felt about the reading yesterday and what role keeping my recovery fresh and complacency, played in my life today. for me, i have no problem continuing to do the little stuff that i have done since back in the day. those little habits, which are now automatic frame my day within the context of my recovery program, and i am certain help keep me from looking to the outside for something more. they are the mortar of the foundation upon which my life is built,. and i see no reason to drop any one of them. sure it would be nice to get 30 minutes back each day, but is there anything that really is more pressing than my TENTH and ELEVENTH STEPS? when i consider that question, i really cannot think of anything but maybe a little cigar and a cup of coffee that could fill that time slot, and i have more than enough time for that these days.
anyhow i do have an errand to run, before i set-up for work. it is a great day to be clean and even a better one to consider that without my foundation, i would more than likely be sharing a cell with my friend and former peer.

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